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Your Outsourced CFO Managing Your Outsourced Accounting Team for Superior Results

Starter Pack

Starter Pack

Use VenturePack’s experience and established network to get the CFO mentoring and financial tools you need WITHOUT losing equity.

Small Biz Pack

Small Biz Pack

Prepare to grow by having a CFO sounding board when needed, maintaining quality accounting, efficient systems and solid analytics to inform your strategy.

Mid-Sized Biz Pack

Mid-Sized Biz Pack

From CFO to data entry. A fully motivated finance department, you don’t have to manage, for much less than staffing up in-house.

  • Leadership


    An entire accounting department solution, fully managed with one vendor saves you time and money.

  • Value


    Don’t pay CFO rates for accounting tasks. Experienced CFO consulting and representation, when needed, as needed. Full accounting department services for less than hiring in-house.

  • Solid Foundation

    Solid Foundation

    Increased accounting controls and efficiencies to give your company a solid foundation to grow from.

  • Passion


    We love accounting and finance! Our in-house team is motivated. Stop outsourcing to outsourcers.

  • Tools Ready to Go

    Tools Ready to Go

    Many financial model templates, budget tools and investor analytics, ready to use.

  • Timely


    No more waiting monthly for surprise results. Meaningful data with interim snapshots to inform your spend and improve cash flow.

  • Special Projects

    Special Projects

    We’re here when you need us with 20 years of mergers, acquisitions and forensic accounting experience. Your project team is ready.

  • Scalability


    We can grow with you. Start with only the services you need.


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